Karen Laurence-Rowe

Artist for Conservation Foundation, Medal of Excellence 2017

David Shepherd Personal Choice award 2017

Recipient of the AFC Simon Combes Conservation Artist Award 2015

Winner Wildlife Artist of the Year 2012

"I am a self-taught artist – the mistakes and “happy accidents” made along the way have become intrinsic to my style of painting and the passion I have for my subject matter seems to grow with each piece.


The terrifying thing is, that as fast as I can paint the beautiful beasts and vistas of the continent of Africa, they are as quickly disappearing to the pressures of humanity and poaching.


I feel the need to record it in paint – and quickly – before it is lost to us forever. "

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Adding drama through vibrant colours merging into each other,

often adding Gold Leaf, 

Karen creates a totally unique approach to watercolour.


Karen has a large collection of 

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Karen Laurence-Rowe